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Hiring Process

hiring process
hiring process

Our Commitment

Our commitment goes beyond talent acquisition. We are your long-term partner in growth and success, delivering exceptional results. With us, you'll receive continuous support throughout your company's journey, helping you navigate challenges and embrace growth and change.

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Our Journey

Here's a look at our timeline!

Matter helps your business grow by finding the right people to join your team. We hold the belief that just like matter is the driving force behind the creation of everything around us, people are the driving force behind a successful business. We specialize in sourcing top talent across domains and adapt to meet your business needs.

our timeline

Blue Scouts - The Beginning

In July 2021, Blue Scouts was founded as a division of BluOne, providing talent acquisition and management services to businesses of all sizes.

Discovering the Gap

As we worked closely with our clients, we noticed a common issue among small businesses and startups. They faced numerous HR-related challenges, from recruitment to compliance and training. Many of these businesses lacked the internal knowledge and resources to overcome these obstacles.

Birth of Matter

On April 2023, we launched Matter as a company with a clear vision of addressing this gap. We believe that the right people can make a business succeed, and investing in your talent is crucial for their growth and your company's success.

Expansion and Evolution

As we grow, we are committed to providing comprehensive HR solutions that meet our clients' evolving needs. From HR consulting to payroll management and compliance, we aim to be your one-stop solution for all HR requirements.